Patent Help 101 provides low cost solutions to protecting your idea or invention.

We are here to provide resourceful information that will help you protect your idea or invention at a low economic cost. We provide several options to fit any budget.

Patent attorney fees can be extremely expensive averaging $10,000 and many of the inventor companies charge up-front fees, but your idea still isn’t protected with a patent. They may offer assistance in applying for a provisional patent, but your idea is only protected for 12 months.

Here you will find services and patent help programs to get you moving in the direction of patenting your idea.

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Program 1: Idea Evaluation for Patenting

Cost – $100

This program includes one 60 minute coaching call to evaluate your idea and patentability of your idea, a mp3 audio recording of call and one sample of a patent that’s similar to your idea as an example to pattern your patent application details.

Program 2: Patent-it-Yourself (Four Coaching Calls)

Cost – $500

This coaching call program includes four 1.5 hour calls where we discuss your idea and invention in detail and review the step-by-step instructions of how to complete each of the items listed in programs 1 and 2. Recorded mp3 audios of each coaching call is also provided.

Program 3: Patent-it-Yourself (Video Tutorial Program)

Cost – $1500

This video program shows you the step-by-step instructions in a video series on how to do all of the services listed in the turn-key do-it-for-you program. You can take things at your own pace and submit your patent application when ready. The video program also includes several bonus videos on the forms required for your patent, a video explaining the different types of patents and help you decide which is best for you. It also will include .pdf files of the forms that are required with a submission as well as a downloadable instruction manual. One consultation is included along with email requests for questions.
Program 4: Do-it-for-You (Turn-Key Program) – One Time Payment

Cost – $2500 (Service Fee), excludes designer drawing fee and required patent fees submitted with patent application.

Program 4: Do-it-for-You (Turn-Key Program) – 3 Payments Plan

Cost – $2695 – 3 Payments of $895; (Includes Service Fee, monthly processing & convenience fees), excludes designer drawing fee and required patent fees submitted with patent application.

Program Description: Less than 50 new clients annually is accepted in the Turn-Key program. If you want to be considered for this program, sign up here. If you have questions, email or call (512) 827-0505 Ext 5400 and someone will return your call with a free consultation to discuss your needs.

This service includes:

  • Consultations about idea and invention
  • Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement
  • Initial Patent Search (feasibility)
  • Written Specification
  • Title of Invention
  • Cross-Reference to Related Applications and Patents
  • Patentability Option
  • Background of Invention
  • Summary of Invention
  • Detailed Description of Invention
  • Claims
  • Abstract of the Disclosure
  • Connection with a Drawing Designer
  • Drawings Description referenced by Figure Numbers
  • Oath or Declaration
  • Small Entity Claim
  • Utility Patent Application Transmittal Completed
  • Post Card with Inventor’s Mailing Address (for non-electronic filings)
  • Express Mail to Commissions of Patents (for non-electronic filings)

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Free Report Top 10 Myths About Protecting Your Idea